Robert ‘R. Kelly’ Reportedly Married 15-Year-Old Aaliyah Haughton To Avoid Prosecution

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We’re learning that Robert ‘R. Kelly’ reported married 15-year-old Aaliyah Haughton to avoid prosecution…. well, that’s according to witnesses who told federal prosecutors. They told the feds that R. Kelly married her back in 1994 to avoid criminal charges and to prevent her from testifying against him.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Robert Kelly managed to smuggle a letter into federal jail last year. He also somehow managed to make an unrecorded call on an “unmonitored line.” His ability to communicate with those on the outside means that prosecutors are fighting to keep the identity of his alleged victims private.

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They’re afraid that he will attempt to intimidate them or obstruct justice if he learns their identity.

According to the prosecutors, “Simply put, the defendant’s (R. Kelly) past behavior reveals that if given the opportunity to influence a potential witness, the defendant will take it, and his incarceration may not be enough to prevent such conduct.”


And that’s not all.  They also say, “Witnesses have advised the government that the defendant engaged in this bribery scheme to obtain a marriage license so he could quickly and secretly marry Jane Doe #1 to avoid criminal charges for engaging in a sexual relationship with Jane Doe #1, who was a minor at the time,” prosecutors wrote. And we all know who Jane Doe is.

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“Specifically, the defendant believed that his marriage to Jane Doe #1 would prevent her from being able to testify against him in the event he was prosecuted for his criminal sexual relationship with her,” they continued.

But Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, had a different story. He has argued that Kelly “simply has no means or method by which to engage in any obstructive conduct,” but prosecutors believe otherwise, and his smuggled letter and phone calls prove it.

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