Rihanna & Hassan Jameel REALLY Broke Up Because Of Pressure From Jameel’s Family! (Full Details)

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Rihanna and her billionaire ex-boyfriend Hassan Jameel REALLY broke up because of pressure from Jameel’s family!

It’s been a few weeks since the world found out that singer Rihanna and her billionaire businessman boyfriend Hassan Jameel called it quits after 3 years of dating.

Rihanna and Hassan seemed to have had a good run as the two traveled the world together and managed to keep their relationship very private from the public eye.

So, why did Rihanna and Hassan actually BREAKUP?



Close sources of Rihanna and Hassan have actually REVEALED the REAL reason for their breakup.


Image: Insider


According to sources, Hassan’s family was not happy with Rihanna’s image and that is the main reason the couple broke up.

Of course, when you really think about it, Rihanna and Hassan have two very different lives. Hassan is a businessman from Saudi Arabia and Rihanna is a hot sensation of Hollywood.

So, as expected, sources have confirmed, that “cultural differences” was the biggest reason for the couple’s SPLIT.

Image: Hypebae

The source also revealed that “Rihanna and Hassan truly love each other, but Hassan was having difficulties with Rihanna’s image because of pressure on him to have a more traditional and reserved relationship.”


Image: Perez Hilton


According to the source, Hassan’s family wanted Rihanna to be more “tame, reserved and demure”.

“He was feeling it from his family, who think Rihanna is stunningly beautiful, but they also wanted her to be more tame, reserved and demure, the source continued.

However, Rihanna obviously refused to change herself as she has an image to maintain, given her wildly successful music career and Fenty makeup and lingerie business.

“Rihanna can’t because of her career which requires a certain image,” the insider shared. “Rihanna will always be true to herself.”


Image: People


The source also confirmed that “The split is not something either of them really wanted, however, their relationship was becoming challenging.”

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