‘Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. aka Tariq Says He’s Received 300 Death Threats Because He Shot Ghost!

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Hit TV show ‘Power’ star Michael Rainey Jr. who plays Tariq on the show says that he has received more than 300 DEATH THREATS…

In the mid-season of Starz TV show ‘Power’ season 6, someone gunned down the main character Ghost played by actor Omari Hardwick. The killer’s face was not revealed which started a rave on social media.

And the subject of “who shot Ghost” became so SERIOUS that Michael Rainey Jr. who plays Ghost’s son Tariq on the show is getting SERIOUS DEATH THREATS.


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After the shocking episode showed a mystery shooter killing Ghost, everyone shared their theories on the internet about who the killer might be.


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Many theories concluded that Ghost’s son Tariq could be the killer as he hated his father. And then a few weeks ago, some LEAKED clips of the show indeed revealed Tariq to be the shooter. The LEAKED video was shortly taken down, however, 19-year-old Michael Rainey Jr. has confirmed that since the REVEAL, he has been getting death threats from fans.



Yesterday, the 19-year-old actor shared images of himself with a “WTF” look on his face and wrote in the caption that his inbox is filled with death threats.


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“Me going through my dms tryna figure out why I have 326 death threat messages,” Michael captioned the post.

And we don’t think he is exaggerating. Because this is what one of his followers commented on his post:

“I’m about to make it 327.”



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Me going through my dms tryna figure out why I have 326 death threat messages ??

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It’s pretty clear that the show is loved by people but the character James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick is loved even more than the show. But do you think fans are taking it way too seriously?

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