Love & Hip Hop Star Karlie Redd Lewis Denies She Was Hospitalized After Being Jumped In ATL Club!

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Love & Hip Hop star Karlie Redd Lewis denies that she was hospitalized after being jumped in an Atlanta club. She recently came out to deny the reports, calling it “fake news.” According to what she’s now calling a rumor, she found herself in a physical altercation while filming the show.

The rumor mill is churning, and according to it, Karlie Redd Lewis was beaten up while clubbing in Atlanta, and the film crew was there to capture the entire thing. Although no one has seen it, Karlie is vehemently denying that she got her butt whooped. She recently posted a video on Instagram, dispelling the rumors.


Karlie captioned the video, “Alert? Fake News! I should NOT have to Address All these Fake News, But My Phone is Ringing Off the Hook! I have NEVER Been in A Hospital for Fighting & No Club For Fighting!”


“Why Can’t The Media Talk about The Good things I’m doing Like Helping These Kids At The School. Y’all Have Nothing Else to Do But Believe Fake News, she continued.

But that wasn’t all. An unnamed man asked Karlie, “I heard you was in the hospital.” She responded by saying, “The hospital… the hospital…. please, I’m at my school. Yall need to donate. Let’s talk about doing good things for good people instead of trying to spread fake news.”


Listen to it yourself.

But not many people believe her. Despite not having any visible bruises or scratches, people are saying that she took too long to respond and that her large sweater could be covering potential evidence. According to one of her followers “Karlie your big ole mouth done got your as* beat up.” Another wrote, “Her right eye looks like it’s in healing mode, and her mouth is still in recovery. And the make-up will paint over bruises. How bout the arms?? I’m sure there are purple gashes.”

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