Gordon Ramsay Disguises Himself as a Woman to Expose Kitchen Nightmares (Details)

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Gordon Ramsay has gained a bit of a reputation… for several things. Apart from cooking up insanely delicious dishes at his many restaurants, he’s also known for behaving insanely on television. You may have seen his no-nonsense attitude on Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, but his antics go way beyond those shows. In a recent episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back, also one of his shows, Ramsay disguised himself as a woman, and several people are taken aback by it.



Gordon was born in Scotland in 1966, but his rise to fame as a foodie didn’t start until the ‘90s, when he starred in Boiling Point and Faking It, which he won a BAFTA for. Fast forward to 20+ years later, Ramsay launched his very own series, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – where he visits failing restaurants in the hopes of turning it into a successful business.



From the onset, the British chef had a noticeable short temper and a unique way of referring to both the owners and their horrible dishes. His brazen attitude and somewhat foul mouth were some of the reasons why so many people tuned in – that and the fact that he was amazing at his job.



Because he is a household name, it’s virtually impossible to not recognize him, so he began to get creative with his outfit choices, the latest of which was at a woman. During the episode, he snuck into the Southern Kitchen Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia as a female book attendee named Libby-Lou.

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In the intro, he said, “This family-run restaurant is located in a very busy intersection yet they can’t get those customers to go through their door. I will be going undercover as a member of a weekly book club… Libby-Lou ready for a ladies’ lunch. Trust me, this one’s going to be a page-turner.”


In addition to not being impressed by their pork chop dish, Ramsay described a different dish as “tasting like cough medicine.” Although Ramsay worked his magic, it wasn’t the major takeaway of the show. People could not stop talking about Ramsay’s new look, and they’re hoping that Libby makes another appearance in a later episode.

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