Evelyn Lozada Considering Returning To Basketball Wives After Racism Beef With Ogom “OG” Chijindu

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A few days ago, Evelyn Lozada got the world talking about her possibly not returning to Basketball Wives. And she’s been creating a lot of drama around it. But, the thing is, she might as well return, despite her long feud with Ogom “OG” Chijundu about racism.



But what made her reconsider?

Evelyn has created a lot of drama on the show, but this is exactly why she should stay. VH1 surely wants quality stories and people who would get invested in the stories. So while the situation with OG isn’t actually going too well, Evelyn is not ruling yet on the decision to return to the show.




But having a coworker accuse you of racism constantly and even starting a lawsuit. OG accused Evelyn of calling her cast mates a lot of horrible names (with racist connotations, as OG put it), but then Evelyn filed for defamation.




So in the lawsuit, Evelyn claimed that she lost a lot of endorsement deals and jobs and that she even had to hire security for her family due to the racism allegations.




A few days ago, the reality show star had a Q&A on Instagram, and during the chat, a fan asked her, “Are you returning to BBW [Basketbal Wives]?” To which Evelyn responded “most likely no.”




But she hasn’t actually made a decision. TMZ reports that VH1 approached Evelyn with a proposition for season 9, and she hasn’t made any decisions yet. She is currently weighing in the pros and cons, but it hasn’t been decided yet.

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